Hello, I'm
Dr. Matt Hux

I help business owners in South Carolina maximize company performance, minimize absenteeism costs, & optimize team energy.

Productivity losses linked to employee absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion annually.

Business owners spend 2/3 of their healthcare costs on lost productivity.

Employees exhibit more stress, experience energy crashes, and lose focus more consistently than ever. As a result, presenteeism and absenteeism cost you money. The workshops below are designed to fix these problems.

A Message from Dr. Matt

Working with Me


Step 1

Schedule a free consultation to learn about the needs of your team and company.


Step 2

Then, we will strategically decide upon the best message for your audience and schedule the speaking engagement.


Step 3

You and your team will walk away with tangible skills and action steps; many of which can be implemented immediately.

**While individual talks can be scheduled, a series of talks is most recommended for long-term success and neuroplasticity.

Hey there!

Meet Dr. Matt

I'm extremely passionate about people succeeding in life and in business. My mission is to help you do the things that you love to do and are called to do.

Speaker. Storyteller. Health Consultant. Developer. Educator. Chiropractor.

12 years of public speaking and team development

Lead Doctor At MaxLiving West Columbia, SC

“Anyone who meets Dr. Matt will tell you that he is on a mission to elevate the health of businesses.”

Core Messages


Stress Reduction

Increased Sleep, More Focus, Better Energy


Max Performance

Increased workflow, Fewer sick days, Less anxiety


Working From Home

Increased confidence, More comfort, Minimize neck pain,


Nutrition 101

Lose weight, Feel better, Avoid mental fog


3 T's

More positive mindset, Less stress, Stronger immune system


Get Moving

Increased happiness, Fewer hunger cravings, Less joint pain

In Person or Virtual Call (Zoom) available for all workshops

Speaking Reel



Oliva Cooley

Olivia Cooley Group at Keller Williams Realty

The first time I met Dr. Matt he was presenting to our office about the health benefits of continued chiropractic work.


Roberto Monaco

Co-fouder InfluenceOlogy

I highly encourage you to bring Dr. Hux as a keynote speaker for your next in-person or virtual event.


Chris Wallace

DeWees Real Estate Group

Dr. Matt clearly demonstrates his passion for helping people live healthy and pain free lives, in a way that is empathetic.


James Shadd III

Shadd Law Firm LLC

Dr. Matt Hux is an excellent public speaker that knows how to reach various audiences.


David Cain

Resource Financial Services

I would highly recommend Dr. Matt for any group or business that is interested in hiring a Health Consultant or Public Speaker.

Enough of this looking at a computer screen!
I like talking to people, let's set up a chat 👉

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